The Dark Side of Society – Elite Satanism in the movies.


The 1989 film ‘Society‘ (directed by Brian Yuzna) is a satire on upper class elitism, but from what is known of  illuminati families it could be taken as a disturbing fly on the wall look into the private psycho-satanic lives of the elite oligarchies that yield great power and influence over our planet. The same select bloodlines that have ruled from behind the scenes throughout the ages, with murder, conspiracy and vile debauchery a modus operandi for these self-styled ‘God’s on Mount Olympus’.

The film is set in Beverly Hills and centres around the main character Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock of Baywatch fame), your typical privileged teenage college ace with a flashy Jeep and cheerleader girlfriend. Bill feels like an outcast from his family and fears he may have been adopted. His parents belong to ‘Society’, a cabal of the rich and wealthy, and his sister Jenny (Patrice Jennings) is soon to become a member in a ritualistic initiation they insidiously refer to as a ‘coming out celebration’.

The true nature of the ominous ‘coming out celebration’ starts to reveal itself when the boyfriend of Bill’s sister, David Blanchard, brings him an audio recording covertly taped via a microphone he secretly placed in Jenny’s earing. The recording is of Bill’s family and other members of ‘Society’ taking part in an incestuous orgy with the violent death shriek of someone been killed in what sounds like a group-sex murder been drowned out by perverse moans and groans.

The plot then revolves around Bill trying to discover the dark truth about his family. Reality, paranoia and illusion blur throughout the movie. Bill’s psychiatrist replaces the recording of his family with an innocent sounding version of events to confuse him, people’s bodies appear twisted in bizarre shapes no normal human being could possibly make, friends seemingly die then reappear alive, strange events escalate until we find the shocking truth about Bill’s family and ‘Society’.

The film culminates in a grand finale of spectacular grossness matched only by Peter Jackson’s Brain-Dead. An intimate, sexually fuelled, mass body morphing, ritual initiation sacrifice called the ‘shunt’ takes place at the Whitney’s opulent suburban Beverley Hills mansion to the tune of The Blue Danube Waltz. A disgustingly fantastic ending for which you need a very strong stomach. The special effects were created by ‘Screaming Mad George’ and as far as non CGI special FX go are quite amazing, but none the less this is a disturbing celluloid sickfest that will haunt your mindscape for many years to come.

Co writer Woody Keith came from a wealthy Beverly Hills family (possibly a satanic family) and some of the characters in the film are based on people he knew. It’s interesting that the original script ending was a blood sacrifice but the director went for the more surreal ‘Shunt’ approach.

Brian Yuzna explains in the Directors commentary the ‘mythology’ behind the movie and the origins of the ‘Society’ families who are not a human race. His take is that way back in the times of cavemen a parallel evolution took place, creatures infected some of the ancient humans which gave them power to rule over and dominate other humans, these ‘blue bloods’ interbred and became the wealthy ruling class (sounds familiar).

Billy Warlock, the main actor, is named by Fritz Springmeier as an illuminati mind control programmer in his phenomenal expose ‘The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave’.

In the film it is made clear that family members are initiated into ‘Society’ with a ritual sacrifice which involves group sex and incest. After Bill’s sister has been initiated into ‘Society’ (after the sacrifice) she is dressed in red, the colour associated with blood sacrifice. Another interesting point is Billy Warlocks character is raised from birth to be a sacrifice which is common in satanic/illuminati families:

Apparently it was common practice for the cult gathered around Hearst (William Randolph) to induct a black man into their ranks only to eventually sacrifice him to the owl statue that they named Moloch after the Babylonian deity of the same name‘,(Elite child trafficking, Sierra Patterson).This is a similar type of scenario where people are unknowingly groomed for sacrifice.

Another attention grabber is Bill’s family’s surname, ‘Whitney’. The Whitney family is a prominent illuminati family that play a major role in the infamous Order of Skull and bones:

A key family is the Whitney’s, descended from English Puritans who came to the U.S. about 1635 and settled in Watertown, Mass. Eight Whitney’s have been members of The Order. Of these, three had brief lives; Emerson Cogswell Whitney died a few months after initiation and Edward Payson Whitney “disappeared in 1858” according to his biographer. However, three Whitney’s, William Collins Whitney and his two sons, are the core of Whitney influence in The Order which survives today through the Harriman family and intermarriage with Payne’s and Vanderbilt’s.’ (America’s secret establishment, Antony C Sutton).

One memorable scene from the film is when his psychiatrist, Dr Cleveland, tells Billy:

Billy, people are what they are, now you have to learn to except that, you have to learn to except societies rules of privacy, if you don’t follow the rules Billy bad things happen, now some people make the rules and some people follow the rules, it’s a question of what your born too”.

Anyway, check the film out, it will give you a peek behind the curtain into the disturbing secret life’s of the wealthy elite.

Brace yourself for the Shunt.

Addendum.    From Fritz Springmeiers Bloodlines of the illuminati.

‘Doris Duke of the illuminati Duke family was an heiress to the large tobacco fortune of the Duke family. She was the only child of American tobacco Co. founder James Buchanan Duke. Doris Duke, herself a member of the illuminati. As an example of her moral excesses, she was well-known to have continued belly dancing even in her 70’s.Doris Duke had 5 houses (which have served as sites for illuminati rituals) – one in Beverly Hills CA (where she died), one in Hawaii (where she collected entire temples from occult sites around the world), and one in central New Jersey ( which had 30 rooms & was the headquarters for some of her financial activities such as the estate offices).Her pet camels Princess and baby, had the run of the New Jersey mansion. All of these five houses were staffed with servants.The old Duke mansion in New York, “a grand sophisticated 1912 house”  is now the New York institute for fine arts.The bulk of Doris Duke’s $1.2 billion estate went into foundations after she was ritually killed in a Beverly Hills illuminati All Hallows (Halloween) ritual in 1993 where they cannibalized her body. To cover this ritual death, the news media made a lot of fan fare about the butler or her personal physician may have killed Dorris. The body was said to have been burned”.

Real life ‘Society’.

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